Kid's Learning Kits

Help Your Child Grow with Our Kid's Learning Kits

Whether your child is dealing with grief or undergoing a major life change, providing the right support can be a challenge. The children’s learning kits from Childhood Matters are designed to foster creativity, help with healing, and nurture your child’s love and understanding of nature. One of our most popular kid’s learning kits is our Play Box. This adorable box is jam-packed with all of the tools your child needs to stay engaged and excited about learning. You can purchase them yourself, or have your child’s aunt, uncle, grandparent, babysitter, or even their teacher purchase one to give to them as a gift. We carry a range of children’s learning kits. Here is what is included in our popular play kit to keep your child busy, excited, and engaged:


  • This kit includes one classic storybook: The Three Little Pigs. This timeless tale is a wonderful choice for young kids to encourage them to read on their own and use their imagination.

  • Our Play kid’s learning kits also include one set of wooden spoon puppets to coordinate the story including the three little pigs and one wolf.

  • Your child will also receive one set of 12 wooden spools painted in various color gradients and an adorable set of story stones.

  • In this kit, there are also animal action cards and a set of six playdough cards along with three one-ounce playdough containers.

  • A wooden top is included to encourage playtime, and it also includes one color matching activity: the artist’s palette.

  • The Play Box also includes one memory game and one spy sensory bottle.

All of our children’s learning kits are made with love and feature a variety of handcrafted items your child will enjoy. Visit our website to shop our latest selection to find the perfect learning kit for you and your child.